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Ye Tanhai – The Hindi Music Album

The Hindi Music Album, ‘Ye Tanhai’ has been released on 27th October 2014 with humongous response. The Album has been released under the banner of ‘Universal Music Group’ which is the largest Music corporation in the world. The songs in the album are written by Kedar Sowani. The Music is composed by famous music director duo ‘Madhu-Krishna’. Songs in the ‘Ye Tanhai’ music album are sung by extremely talented and famous singers ‘Mohammad Irfan’ and ‘Vaishali Samant’. Some commendable singing contributions to the album have been made by the singers Sanjay Sawant, Asmita Ghate, Sampada Date and Kedar Sowani.


Kedar Sowani Lyricist

Ye Tanhai Music Album Songs written by Lyricist – Kedar Sowani

The songs from the Music Album ‘Ye Tanhai’ are written by versatile lyricist, Kedar Arvind Sowani. He holds a MBA degree in Finance and Marketing professionally but his love to his writing is immense. Kedar Sowani is one of the artists who is always ready testing his creativity with the songs he write. Renowned music director Madhu said “Every song written by Kedar is with a tune so it was our pleasure to compose music for these wonderful 8 songs, in fact we have kept the tune of one of the song ‘Tere khayalon mein’ same as original lyricist’s tune”.

deepa sowani - producer of ye tanhai music album

Ye Tanhai Music Album – Produced by Deepa Sowani

The idea and inspiration behind creating a music album of hindi songs written by Kedar Arvind Sowani, is of his wife Deepa Sowani. Deepa Sowani is the producer of the album. She praises the music provided by experienced music director duo, madhu-krishna. “We are very proud that ‘Universal Music group’, the largest music corporation in the world is releasing these songs through the music album ‘Ye Tanhai’ ” says the producer, Deepa Sowani. “The patriotic song ‘Ye Hindustan Hamara’ was written by Kedar during the kargil war in 1999. Madhu-krishna have given full justice to this song. I am sure the heart of every Indian will be filled with patriotism while listening to this song”, she added later.

Mohammad Irfan and Vaishali Samant in ye tanhai music album kedar sowani lyrics

Ye Tanhai Music Album Popular Singers – Mohammad Irfan and Vaishali Samant.

The three songs, with voice rendered by hindi film industry’s leading singers ‘Mohammad Irfan’ and ‘Vaishali Samant’, have come up very well. The most favorite song of Kedar Sowani from the album is ‘Tanhai aye chupke se aye, muzko rulaye jara jara’ recorded in the melodious voice of Mohammad Irfan. He has also given his voice to the song ‘Ye duniya hai kaisi’ which is his exceptional contribution to the Album ‘Ye Tanhai’. The song ‘Aakhon mein ninden’ by Vaishali Samat is one of the best songs of the Music Album ‘Ye Tanhai’. This song tops the favorite list of Deepa Sowani who is the producer of the Music Album.

Major Contribution to the Album by other singers

The inspirational song with meaningful message ‘Dil par kabu rakhna hoga” in the voice of Sampda Date & Sanjay Sawant is also one of the favorite song of Kedar Sowani from the album. The songs ‘Ye hawa ruk jara’ by Asmita Ghate and ‘Mein Kya Karu’ by Sanjay Sawant are the songs which have added an extra value to the Music Album. The Patriotic song of the Album, ‘Sare Jahan Se Pyara’ is sung by the trio Sanjay Sawant, Asmita Ghate & Sampada Date who have successfully managed to implant the seeds of patriotism in everybody’s heart through their singing. All the songs are hummable and have got a huge response from the listeners.


The Music Audio CD of the song are available on online Music stores : 

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You can also enjoy listening the music of the Album ‘Ye Tanhai’ at Gaana.com and Saavn.com :

#1. Ye Tanhai Hindi Music Album Playlist at Saavn.com

#2. Ye Tanhai Hindi Music Album Playlist at Gaana.com


Lyrics & arrangements of all 8 songs are very distinct and that’s why Kedar Sowani is justified as a versatile lyricist. The album has songs representing emotions & feelings such as, motivation, love, loneliness, philosophy and patriotism.

The Index of the Hindi Music Album ‘Ye Tanhai’ is as below,

 ‘ ये तनहाई– हिन्दी संगीत एलबम

संगीतकार : मधु-कृष्ण
गीतकार : – केदार अरविंद सोवनी
गीत पार्श्वगायक
तनहाई आए, चुपकेसे आए मोहम्मद इरफ़ान
आँखों मे नींदे, न दिल मे क़रार वैशाली सामंत
दिल पर काबू रख़ना होगा संपदा दाते , संजय सावंत
ऐ हवा रुक ज़रा अस्मिता घाटे
ये दुनिया है कैसी समझ़ ना सका मोहम्मद इरफ़ान
तेरे ख़यालों मे केदार अरविंद सोवनी
मैं क्या करू ज़ो नैना न लागे संजय सावंत
सारे जहाँ से प्यारा है, ये हिंदुस्तां संजय सावंत, अस्मिता घाटे, संपदा दाते

Listen to the Songs of Music Album ‘Ye Tanhai’ :

#1. Tanhai Aaye Chupkese Aaye – Mohammad Irfan


#2. Aankhon Mein Ninden – Vaishali Samant


#3. Dil Par Kabu Rakhana Hoga – Sampada Date and Sanjay Sawant


#4. Aey Hawa Ruk Zara – Asmita Ghate


#5. Ye Duniya Hai Kaisi – Mohammad Irfan


#6. Tere Khayalon Mein – Kedar Sowani


#7. Mein Kya Karun – Sanjay Sawant


#8. Sare Jahan Se Pyara – Sanjay Sawant, Asmita Ghate & Sampada Date


‘Ye Tanhai’ Music Album Image Gallery

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‘Ye Tanhai’ Music Album Video Gallery


Watch Video : Tribute To India – Sare jaha se Pyara.

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