Tea Town Cafe – Koregaon Park, Pune

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Tea Town Cafe – Koregaon Park Pune

Kedar Sowani and Friends at Tea Town Cafe
Kedar Sowani and Friends at Tea Town Cafe

‘Tea Town’ is a cosy cafe near ‘Pizza hut’ on Lane no. 6 at Koregaon park, Pune. The most recommended place for ‘satisfying your taste buds’ and ‘spending a memorable time with your family and friends’.
Hosts at ‘Tea Town’ make every effort to make your experience at the cafe a memorable one, with great service and awesome menu, full of variety of Tea’s and snacks. On their menu they have around 7 to 8 different variety of tea. In addition to some well known options such as masala, ginger, green & ice tea, they also offer some very surprisingly refreshing options like ‘GULKAND flavored TEA’. I tasted 4 types of Tea at ‘Tea Town’ and I would surely recommend ‘Gulakand Tea’ to all visitors.
On top of the variety of TEA the ‘Tea Town’ also has a great snacks & meal menu. Including, ‘authentic Italian Pastas’ & Pizzas to ‘Burgers’ & ‘Sandwiches’ that will tempt you for more.
Tea Town clearly scores 5 stars which is evident with happy and satisfied customers smilingly returning every time they visit Koregaon Park.

Hosts at ‘Tea Town’ – Anuradha, Anand, Amit, Laukik, Rahul, Shashi.
Address of ‘Tea Town’ : ‘Tea Town’, Shop No.8, Vrundavan Society, Lane No.6, Koregaon Park,

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