Pudina (Mint) Sharbat (Cold Drink) ! cool summer drink !

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Pudina (Mint) Sharbat (Cold Drink)

Take around 200gm of pudina (Mint) leaves, wash & remove the water to clean them,
Take 1/2 kg sugar in narrow pan and add water just to cover the sugar n give it 4-5 boils, then add pudina leaves and keep aside for 5-6 hrs.
Then remove the leaves & add 12 lemons juice, kala namak (black salt) & Jal Jeera (cumin seeds) powder each 1 tsp, a pinch of green colour (optional)
Then filter it and store in a glass bottle. When you want to serve sharbat (drink), add water, ice to your liking (usually 3:7 or 2:8 should be fine). This makes a very yummy drink. Kids too love it & it’s very healthy for summers.

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