About Kedar Sowani

Lyricist : Kedar Arvind Sowani






The songs from the Music Album ‘Ye Tanhai’ are written by versatile lyricist, Kedar Arvind Sowani. He holds a MBA degree in Finance and Marketing professionally but his love to his writing is immense. Kedar Sowani is one of the artists who is always ready testing his creativity with the songs he write. Renowned music director Madhu said “Every song written by Kedar is with a tune so it was our pleasure to compose music for these wonderful 8 songs, in fact we have kept the tune of one of the song ‘Tere khayalon mein’ same as original lyricist’s tune”.

Kedar Sowani has had a great interest in writing since years. His compositions which he had recorded many years back are the proof which justifies him as a genuine artist and a writer. You can watch his videos and Songs from the Album ‘Ye Tanhai’ on his Youtube Channel. You can also follow Kedar Sowani on Facebook and add him your friend.

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